The Science

The Science


What is MODUCARE ®?
MODUCARE® is a daily immune supplement made from a patented blend of natural plant sterols and sterolins in a ratio of 100:1. Internationally recognised research has shown that this blend may help to support a healthy and balanced immune system.

MODUCARE® is provided to FUTURELIFE® under the license of ASPEN Pharmacare.

How does MODUCARE ® work?
Plant sterols and sterolins are plant fats found in all plant-based foods.  Sterolins are known as glucosides, which are molecular structures joined to the sterols.  Sterolins are easily destroyed and without it the sterol does not have the same immune-enhancing benefits.  Plants can never contain sterols alone.

Sterols and sterolins allow the immune system to regulate itself: upregulating an underactive response and downregulating an overactive one.

When we are exposed to stressors our adrenal glands secrete the stress hormone cortisol, causing a corresponding drop in our anti-aging and immune enhancing hormone dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA).

Plant nutrients called sterols and sterolins effectively modulate cortisol, control Interleukin-6 and naturally increase DHEA to combat the pro-inflammatory effect of the imbalances in the body and thus enhances our immunity to fight a fair fight.


Howaru® Premium Probiotics

What is HOWARU® Premium Probiotics?
HOWARU® Premium Probiotics is a proprietary blend from the DuPont™ Danisco® range of premium probiotics. It is formulated to nurture the critical link between the body’s digestive and immune systems by containing two of the most studied probiotic strains for gut and immune health, Lactobacillus acidophilus NCFM® and Bifidobacterium lactis HN019™.

How do HOWARU® Premium Probiotics work?
An efficient digestive system and strong immune defence go a long way towards maintaining an active, healthy lifestyle. Much of the secret lies in balanced gut microflora. HOWARU® Premium Probiotics can help you meet this need. Medical researchers have understood for many decades that the body’s digestive and immune systems are intimately linked and dependent upon one another for overall well-being. In fact, the gut is the largest immune organ in the human body, standing in the centre of the body’s natural defences.

What does the Science say?
Numerous studies have shown that ingestion of certain strains of probiotics are beneficial in helping to maintain the body’s delicate microbial balance, considered to be an important factor in our overall well-being. When this delicate ecological balance is disturbed by environmental or physiological factors, intestinal health can be negatively impacted. Maintaining a healthy microflora is a key element in providing both digestive and immune health. HOWARU® Premium Probiotics can offer both of these benefits with the combination of two clinically documented probiotic strains, B. lactis HN019™ and L. acidophilus NCFM®.

For more information on HOWARU®, supplied under license by Danisco®, please click here.

Sugar Statement

Helping you make healthier choices daily is at the very heart of the FUTURELIFE® promise. That’s why our products are formulated in a way that eliminates the need, or temptation for consuming excess refined sugars.

While you may find traces of natural sugars in our products, we want to assure you that they’re formulated in a unique way which combines the right balance of carbohydrates, fibre, fats and proteins, for the body to efficiently use as a form of energy.

Say farewell to nasty sugar spikes and inconvenient dips in your energy levels. FUTURELIFE® has you covered and we think that’s pretty sweet!

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NON-GMO (Non-Genetically Modified Organisms)

non-gmo_08At FUTURELIFE®, the same things that matter to you matter to us. It’s why we’re always looking for ways to improve and deliver on our promises to our consumers.

In 2013, it came to our attention that customers were concerned about the GMO status of their favourite FUTURELIFE® products. In response to this, we worked to develop a comprehensive manufacturing and storage plan to secure the Non-GMO status that FUTURELIFE® fans have come to enjoy.

All products manufactured in our factory since July 2013 are certified Non-GMO. Should you have any questions or comments on this process, please contact us on We’d love to hear from you!