Vision & Values


To give all people hope by empowering and helping them to lead a better and healthier future life by making healthy and affordable foods.

We are what we believe and what we act upon.

8 Values

  1. BEING HEALTHY: There is nothing more precious in life than having good health. Everything else springs from this. There is an old Bulgarian saying that goes something like this, “A healthy person has a 1000 wishes, a sick person only has one.”
  2. HAVING VITALITY: We need energy and lots of it to achieve our dreams and goals in life. That’s why it’s important to start your day off with a Smart food™ like FUTURELIFE® that will give you a slow release of energy for many hours.
  3. BALANCE AND WELLBEING: When your body and mind are in perfect balance you are happy, unstressed and fully engaged with life, which is why we have created a perfect balance of vitamins and minerals in FUTURELIFE®.
  4. LIVING LIFE TO THE FULL: Embrace life and you will be forever rich.
  5. INTEGRITY: You have to have integrity in everything you do! Not just to promote good relationships, but for yourself.
  6. NUTRITIONAL EVIDENCE: FUTURELIFE® employs a full-time team of 8 dieticians and we work with industry experts to ensure everything we do is based on up to date nutritional science and evidence.
  7. FRESH APPROACH: Fresh thinking, an open mind and new approaches lead to great innovations like FUTURELIFE®.
  8. POSITIVE ATTITUDE: What we create is based on our belief that through good nutrition, the promotion of exercise and a positive attitude, we can help build a healthier world and future life for all.